We started making pizza with dough made by us and gradually listening to our customers we enriched our menu.
Our catalog has rich variety , can satisfy all tastes in food.
The raw materials we use are from our region.


all dishes are made with traditional  recipes


Meat balls & tomato sauce


chicken in tomato sauce

Veal in tomato sauce

Eggplant imam

Fish in tomato sauce

octopus in tomato sauce

Chicken with orkas


All meats are purchased from local market

Veal steak

Stuffed burger

Chicken fillet


Grilled sausage

Pork souvlaki

Fish & Seafood

In Ippokampos we have every day fresh fish.Ask for the fish of the day!

Shrimps with spaghetti

Steamed Mussels

Fried Squids


Shrimps Saganaki

Grilled sardines


Our dough is unique, made of us with our own recipe!

Special Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Village Pizza

Spaghetti Napoliten

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti in the oven